Saturday, November 5, 2011

Project canceled, so free resources and such.

There was two parts to the 3d Black Shadow game, the first being created in Duke3d as a total conversion and the latter using Evaldraw and a private copy of the build2 map editor.  However I'm not at liberty to release the build2 editor, you'll have to request that from Ken Silverman, however the code done in Evaldraw I'll will be providing.

The ED version of the code is far from finished, but contains a lot of the basics and if you know your stuff, or can figure out how to expand on it then you can use it for anything else.  Scroll past this for the Duke3d version.

Here is a package of demos I created for tech demonstrations. <Pre-compiled Demos>

Here is the last version of the code plus the resources and a few maps. <Code and base Resources>
And some notes. <Useful notes, needed for above.>

You can use maps from the original build engine, if you so desire, but may require some tweaking.  Also the water submerging effect was only made for the build2 maps.  Combat, pickups, and leveling should be working.  Basic jump, block, duck, attack functions, and weapon pickup included in code.  Textures that are animated need to be hard coded, the water and fire has already been included.  Sector and wall tags set them to animate.

Of course it would be easier in general to work with the duke3d version, although it uses lower resolution models for enemies.

To make things simple, I just packaged the entire dev folder for the Duke3d total conversion version.  It includes original graphics, notes, mockups, raw models, animated models, converted models, voxel models, image strips for making voxel models with Strip2Vox, palette tools, and various other things needed in development.

<Black Shadow Duke3d complete resources> - Huge file.

Tools required that are/may not be included.

Slab6, Sculptris, Anim8tor, MS Office or Open Office for documents.  Some PSD are included as well with layers and such.

The included Excel document includes most of the details you need to work with it, indexes in the ART files and DEF, enemy stats, planned enemy, item, and weapons stats, and conceived ideas on what resources would be needed, who was involved and so on.  Other tools related to voxel creation, and duke3d editing are also included.  A hacked version of  DukeRes is included do to issues I was having with a palette color and the transparent color conflicting that seems to occur in PCX images created in certain image editor like Adobe Photoshop.

For videos of gameplay for both the Duke3d version and Evaldraw versions are available on my youtube channel.  <Black Shadow Videos>