Friday, December 31, 2010

Current Monster made and in the works.

Currently I'm not sure what the total count for monsters will be, I have a certain set planned from the original but there are still two addition groups.

So to start let me break down the different groups of units you will encounter.

1) Red Units - Belong to the Scarlet Queen
2) Green Units - Belong to the Baron
3) Yellow Units - Belong to the Shadow
4) Blue Units - Belong to the Mage*

*also includes neutral townfolk who have been cursed.  The player is also blue do to being cursed by the mage.

Currently in the works are:

Henchman - Red Unit - Complete

Bowman - Red Unit - Modeled

Formless - Red Unit - Needs coding

Guardian - Red Unit, Mini Boss - Complete

Shademer - Yellow Unit - Complete

There are 3 enemy units, two mini-boss and a boss planned for the green.

3 units and one 1 boss planned so far for yellow, but more will be added.

Nothing designed for the blue units beside the player and neutral town unit.

Enemy units are not all allies and tend to attack one another. Killing a neutral unit, though, is a bad thing.

This newest video shows some of the new destroyable objects and some increase gib splattering of the enemies.

However I've made a few changes since this video and certain textures and gib spawning have been altered. Waterfall effects may be changed too.

More details on enemies upcoming...

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